Who we are

Pineville Church of Christ

We want you to know, first of all, you are always welcome to our worship services. It doesn't matter how you come, what you grew up believing, or how long it's been since you set foot inside a church door. We want you to feel welcome, encouraged, and reminded of the faithfulness of God. We are a non-denominational congregation and part of the universal church for which Jesus died and which he purchased with his own blood. We believe that Jesus built his church to withstand the test of time, and our desire is to completely replicate the church we find in the New Testament. You won't find any extra books, creeds, councils, or special titles here. We are servants of one another, and Jesus is the core of our existence. We strive for his morals, teachings, and obedience to God. Perfection is not our claim, but worshipping the perfect Savior as he commanded is. His Word is perfect, reviving the soul, and our plea is that you will join us in creating and maintaining covenant love with   the Father.